MaryAnn Puls

The Artists of Legacy Modern

When Legacy Modern got started we focused primarily on mid century furniture like credenzas, dining tables, and sofas. However, over the the years, the store has evolved. While we're always on the hunt for great mid century finds from around the world, we have shifted our focus to provide a fuller shopping experience for our customers that includes art. We've worked hard to procure a collection of work, from local artists and beyond that compliment the furniture we sell. Below is a quick peek at the artists we have on the floor currently.

We're always looking for more to artists to showcase. If you're interested in selling your art in our store, please feel free to email for more information! We'd love to see your portfolio!


Meet MaryAnn Puls

"From the smallest particles of matter, countless variations of formations can occur. I’m intrigued by the possibilities. My work is abstract, the result is the reorganization of my observations and interests."

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Meet Tappen Studios

Fine art gallery and working artist studio. Offering creative workshops and promoting creative community.


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Meet Barloga Studios

An art company providing fine art black and white photographs for the home, office and hospitality environments


Meet Patricia Rubinelli

"We make glass that preserves the human element as well as the fluidity of this elusive material."


Meet Jacquie Walton

Handmade Pottery in the Arts and Crafts Style. Each JW art pottery vase and bowl  is thrown individually, by hand, on the potters wheel. The decoration is created by using the same technique that were employed at the Grueby Faience company circa 1900.

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Meet Cobre Coppper

High-end beautiful hand-hammered copper products, home decor, vases, gifts - sustainably produced with reclaimed copper and fairly traded since 1994. 


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