7 Tips for Styling a Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is less than a month away, and we’re here with 7 helpful tips for styling a festive dining table!

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

1. Start with the perfect table!

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2. Decide on a style.

Consider what feelings you want to evoke and what will best flow with your dining table and interior design. Would a rustic table setting hit the mark, or do you want something more modern or elegant?

3. Choose your colors and textures.

Decide on a main color for your display, as well as 1-2 accent colors. We love using a neutral color, such as white or ivory, as the main color and adding in pops of black and copper or rust for a palette that works with any style.

And don’t be afraid to play with texture! Combine textures and materials to add interest to your Thanksgiving table design. We love mixing copper, linens and rustic woods with crystal glassware. Varying your textures and colors adds depth, warmth and interest!

4. Add a special touch to each place setting.

Whether it’s a mini pumpkin or a handcrafted name card, be creative in how to dress up your dinnerware. Fun tip: Spray maple or oak leaves with gold paint, then write names in with a permanent marker or paint pen.

5. Be mindful of centerpieces.

There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation when your view is blocked by a candelabra or giant flower display! Remember that the best part of the gathering is connecting with those you love. Keep centerpieces low (such as groupings of small candles or pumpkins) and leave the taper candles for other areas of your home, or for in-between place settings where they will not block your guests.

6. Bring the outdoors in.

A touch of nature always inspires festive feelings and adds warmth to your Thanksgiving display. Fill in your table setting with dried oak and maple leaves, twigs and pine cones for a simple and beautiful touch.

7. Set the table the night before your gathering.

Rushing around at the last minute creates chaos and stress, when you should be enjoying your loved ones as they arrive! Staging your table the evening before allows you plenty of time to play with options and reconfigure as needed until you arrive at the perfect table setting. Besides, you’ll be busy in the kitchen on Thanksgiivng Day!

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest