Featured Item of the Week: German Vintage Blue Bar Stools

If you want a minimal look with a pop of color, come down to the store and check out these vintage German bar stools. The clean lines create a utilitarian structured look that will leave you, the decorator, something fun to decorate around. According to designsponge.com, "Rustic utilitarian interiors feature items handpicked with longevity in mind—both in terms of construction and style. With the outside world seeming as uncertain as ever, these styles echo similarly trying times in the world’s history. Times when heartiness, self-sufficiency, and the handmade trumped frivolous, temporary fashions."  Get some fresh decorating ideas and read more here.

You can find these beauties, as well as other Industrial Arts items, out on the showroom now!

  • 2 styles
  • Total of 25 available
  • $150 each
Industrial Design

Industrial Design