Get to know the Stickley Brothers.

Nothing says quality like a piece of Stickley Brothers furniture. This iconic brand was started in Grand Rapids, MI, in 1891, by Albert and John George Stickley. By 1897, The five brothers experienced great success and the company opened a factory in London, England, to supply the European market; however, by 1917 the factory was converted into a WWI wartime production facility. While production held strong in other areas of the world, by 1954 the company closed. Carl Forslund Co. continued to produce some Stickley Bros. pieces that you can still find today.

During the Stickley Brothers rise to popularity they worked with many great designers that created classic pieces that would last year after year. According to, "During its early period of production, Stickley Brothers amassed a notable list of craftsmen and designers. The company employed Italian carver Leopold Baillot for three years prior to the introduction of its Mission lines around 1900. Timothy Conti produced marquetry for several of Stickley Brothers’ early Arts and Crafts lines, and operated his business (T.A. Conti and Co.) out of the Stickley Brothers’ factory. Forrest Mann likely trained some of Stickley Brothers’ Turkish and Russian copper artisans, and may have also produced some of their hand-wrought hardware designs. James M. Seino headed Stickley Brothers’ decorative painting department from 1914 through 1938. He received his training from the Imperial Academy in Tokyo, and studied art in Paris and New York before becoming the first Japanese resident of Grand Rapids. David Robertson Smith served as Stickley Brothers’ staff designer between 1902 and 1915, overseeing most of their Mission lines. Arthur Teal served as staff designer from 1908 to 1911, and again from 1920 to 1924, and 1927 to 1936."

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