Get to Know Johannes Andersen


Who was Johannes Andersen?


According to Vintage Home Boutique....

"Andersen was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1903. He apprenticed as a cabinet maker, becoming certified in 1922. By the mid-1930s, when Danish modern design rose in popularity beyond Denmark, he opened his own workshop."

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"Scandinavian furniture was known for its distinctive shapes, flowing contours, and “restrained chic.” (Scandinavian Style) Andersen certainly followed this aesthetic in his designs. Looking at his work, it is also easy to see the influences of the culture and environment that surrounded him. The hallmarks of the Scandinavian ethos are present, but interpreted in a way that is Andersen’s alone."

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This quality Danish table is from the 1950s and extends up to 94.5 inches! Great for parties and everyday use! 

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