New Lamps You Gotta See


We have a new line of lamps in the store! Introducing...



Casamotion is a luxury collection of mouthblown, organically shaped lighting!

casamotion logo.jpg
We dont ha

Vintage Inspired Table Lamps with Metal Feet!


Check out this beauty! Would look great next to your bed or on a desk!


Create a consistent look throughout your living room, bedroom, or office with this triple threat!


Accessorize your home with Legacy Modern! We have a great selection of lamps, pillows, pottery, and more!


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Our Sale Has Been Extended!


There's still time to save

that money, honey!


This Memorial Day weekend

you can save BIG on our

Mission Arts showroom!

We dont ha

Tables! Dining! Bookcases!

All on sale this weekend!


Lamps! Pottery! Home Accessories!


Chairs! Rockers! All on sale!


Mid Century is on sale too!

20% OFF!


Classic G Plan Bedroom Suit!



Credenzas are marked down too!


Happy Memorial Day!

Shop with Legacy Modern!

Free Delivery on all sofa purchases!



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Light Up with Pendulux


According to

"Pendulux brings our love of things historic, functional and beautiful to all of our designs. Decidedly masculine, our pieces are borne of industrial, nautical and militaristic influence, yet they simultaneously reflect our quirky admiration for the products and styles of ages past. "



Nickel plate, solid brass, 19”. A pure union of form and function, this lamp shines with heavy nickel plated construction punctuated with working solid brass adjustment knobs. Reminiscent of 19th century machinery, the vintage aesthetic is accentuated by the cloth cord and fully functional counterweight. 

We dont ha


Solid cast & sheet brass, 20". If the great Renaissance inventor had made it to the electric age 400 years later, odds are his Venice studio would have had this lamp lighting his late night sketches and reverse-written manuscripts. Cloth covered cord. 



Heavy powder coated black steel, brass components. Adjusts from 15” to 30”. An homage to the engineering spirit of the Industrial Age, this lamp illuminates in a stunning union of black steel and solid machined brass.  With exposed steel tension springs and a prevalent solid brass counterweight and pulley mechanism, grace your table with a working light and true mechanical relic.



Nickel plate, brass, 17”. A marriage of practicality of form, the solid nickel plate construction Liverpool Table Lamp adapts to your needs with solid brass adjusting knobs and fittings, all while preserving an authentic vintage look. With a cloth covered cord with in-line switch and compatibility with vintage candelabra bulbs. 

20171101_142129 (1).jpg


The Alexander Lamp is a master union of classic machine age utility and innovation. The lamp shade and supports are derived from the light fixture of 1910 industrial British sewing machines, while the precise solid cast brass base is modified from vintage outside micrometers. A solid brass counterweight balances the adjustable powder-coated frame. Includes cloth cord and inline switch.


"The majority of our products are hand-crafted—whether it’s casting metal, polishing, finishing or installing mechanical components. This hand-work is evident in the unique markings and gentle patina of every item. From initial concept and design to production and inspection, each Pendulux product passes through the hands of someone who takes pride in their work and workmanship."


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Gifts for Mom!


Show Mom how much you care with thoughtful, unique gifts from Legacy Modern!


Don't Show Up Empty Handed!
We have a fantastic selection of small gifts that will make Mom smile this Sunday.

We dont ha

These ceramic vases will add style to Mom's home and she'll think of you every time she looks at them!


Home accessories that provide a cohesive look!


Pottery, candlesticks, flatware, throw pillows, and more all on sale!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Don't Forget Our End of Spring Sale is Happening!


Swing by SE 7th and Clay today and get Mom and unforgettable gift!

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Organize Your Space and Buy a Bookcase


Are you tired of having all your stuff unorganized and spread out all over the place?


Get organized this spring with a beautiful Danish teak bookcase that will store all your stuff in style.

We dont ha

Are you a collector? We have some great shelving units that will allow you to display all your Star Wars figurines, comics books, and more.


Is space limited in your home? Store your items vertically on this space efficient Danish two piece Teak and Fruitwood bookcase! It has a locking cabinet! Perfect for a cocktail bar with teens in the house.

20180203_165931 (1).jpg

Maybe you want something in a darker wood? We have bookcases in Rosewood!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Records! Books! Pictures! Whatever you need to put away, these bookcases will provide ample storage with a beautiful rich color.


So much space! Perfect for Grandma's China!


Stop by SE 7th & Clay this weekend and check out all the cabinets, credenzas, and bookases on the showroom! Buy today! Delivered today! We offer delivery with Too Big for My Car!  


Mission Arts has Our Heart


Our Mission Arts and Crafts showroom is having a GIANT sale on all this things Stickley, Limbert, Metalworks, and more!


This weekend we're offering GIANT savings on Mission Arts finest brands!

15% OFF ITEMS $2000 +
20% OFF ITEMS $1000 - $2000
25% OFF ITEMS $50 - $1000


Update your dining room or conference room table!


Dining Room attire on sale!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Need a bigger dresser! This beauty has a ton of storage and will last a lifetime!


Get productive at this beautiful Stickley Brothers "Postcard Desk" 


Gustav Stickley rockers and lounge chairs all on sale! 


If you've been eyeing something on our Mission Arts showroom, now's the time to come in and save. Home accossories, tables, and more are all on sale with our End of April Sale!


Stop by SE 7th & Clay this weekend and check out all the amazing items on the showroom! Buy today! Delivered today! We offer delivery with Too Big for My Car!  


Spend Your Tax Return with Us


It's so nice when Uncle Sam puts a little money back in your pockets! Why not spend those pennies wisely on a much needed upgrade for your home or office.

on the blog.png

Now's the time to get that new sofa, credenza, or dining room table you've been wanting! We have some amazing items on the floor that will bring new light to your space. 


Spring Cleaning?

Are you looking for some new with upgrades for your home or office? We have a fantastic selection of Danish teak bookcases and petite credenzas on the floor right now that will help you get organized in style! 

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Need extra storage? A petite credenza is perfect!


Store up, not out!

Put your books, pictures, and more on this space efficient Danish teak credenza with bookcase!


We have a wide selection of petite credenzas on the floor right now that won't break the bank!


Are you a book hoarder? We get it, they're hard to let go of. Store them all on this Danish teak bookcase!

Don't forger about our home accessories too! Style your home or office with Legacy Modern!


New Art from Tappen Studios


Bookends from Pendulux


Glass Sculptures from Rubinelli Glass


What are you waiting for? Make sure to stop by SE 7th & Clay this weekend and check out all the amazing items on the floor. Create a new look this spring with upgrades from Legacy Modern!  Street parking available!


Stickley Strikes Again


According to

"The Stickley brothers burst into international prominence in the early 20th century with their Mission Oak designs. These were based on the notion that furniture should be "honest"—a reaction against the fake joinery, unnecessary gaudiness, and shoddy workmanship of many of the pieces created in the early days of industrial furniture making.


The Stickleys used solid construction, what-you-see-is-what-you-get joinery, and the highest quality woods. But even more, they showed a genius for design, creating hundreds of new forms that were at once beautiful to look upon, practical to use, exceedingly strong and long-lasting, and perfect for the new ways American families wanted to live."


We have a great selection of Stickley and other Mission Arts pieces! Currently on the floor, you'll find these Stickley beauties! 

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Stickley Brothers Rocker


Gustav Stickley Drop Leaf Table


Stickley Brothers Morris Chair Recliner 


Gustav Stickley Footstool


Gustav Stickley Rocker


If you want to see more of our current Mission Arts selection click here.


 If you like what you see, pop over and take a look! We're located at SE 7th and Clay with street parking available!


Dine in Style


Have you been thinking about switching things up in your dining room? Maybe what you have just isn't doing it for you anymore? Maybe it's time to upgrade your dining attire to something more stylish?

You're in luck! Legacy Modern has all the goodies and is here to help!

See more below. 


Since moving to our new location last spring, we have dedicated an entire room to your dining needs. We have chairs, tables, buffets, credenzas, and even, at times, flatware!


These dining tables will create an inviting ambiance for your next dinner party with their easy to pop-in extensions, and they size down nicely for everyday use. 


Everyday use!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Entertaining Guests!


Business by day!


Party by night!


Our dining chairs selection is one of the biggest in town! Floor to ceiling!


Check out our current inventory!


Add a pop of color to your dining room!


You can't go wrong with these classic Mid Century gems!


Dine in style!



 We're located at SE 7th and Clay with street parking available! Don't be stranger!


Attack of the Side Tables


Are you tired of watching TV, and not having something to put your drink or remote on? You need a side table and Legacy Modern has some great items on the showroom right now!


Accenting your space with a small side table or two helps increase functionality and adds a pop of style.


Check out our current Danish teak end tables below!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors





Don't forget our Spring Sale is going on and there's some great opportunities to save on quality, one-of-kind furniture! Stop by SE 7th and Clay to see all the great items we have out on the showroom right now!

Buy today! Delivered today with Too Big for My Car Delivery!


As American as Apple Pie


While we have a huge selection of Danish designed items on our showroom, we also have furniture that was made right here in the good ole US of A. Currently on the floor we have a Widdicomb bedroom suite that is a classic All American product. But first, who were the Widdicombs and where are they from?


According to Wikipedia...

"The company was founded in 1858 when George Widdicomb started a cabinet shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company grew and with twelve employees, moved to a new, larger location. His four sons went into business with him and the company was named George Widdicomb & Sons. All four sons would serve in the American Civil War. The company dissolved in 1863, while all four sons were enlisted.

"The oldest sons opened a small furniture shop in 1864, with the other two brothers joining them around when the war ended. Brother George Widdicomb died in March, 1866. In 1868 the store had grown considerably and was moved to a new location in Grand Rapids. They had 25 employees. T.F. Richards came into business with the sons on January 1, 1869. They renamed the business Widdicomb Bros. & Richards. They built a larger building and had a capital of $12,000. They formed the Widdicomb Furniture Company on December 1, 1873. Eventually capital would reach $380,000. They had a new building and approximately 150 employees in 1871. At that time, Widdicomb Furniture Company as known for their spindle bed frames. William Widdicomb, who served as President, retired from the company in 1883." 



Wiki goes on to say...

"In 1915, it was sold to Joseph Griswold, Sr. and Godfrey von Platen. The company would merge with Mueller Furniture Corporation, becoming Widdicomb-Mueller Corporation, in 1950. Ten years later Mueller would split from Widdicomb. In 1970, the company name is acquired by John Widdicomb Company.

In 2002, Widdicomb went out of business; design and manufacturing rights for John Widdicomb Company were acquired by Stickley in August 2002. Stickley continues to offer pieces under the John Widdicomb Collection.

From 1943 until 1956, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings served as designer for the company, designing Modern furniture. George Nakashima also worked for Widdicomb, from the 1950s to early 1960s. He created the "Origin Group," of pieces."



Currently on the floor you will see these beauties!


Pair of Widdicomb nightstands

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors
  • Widdicomb
  • T.H.  Robbsjohn -Gibbings Design
  • Set of two
  • Measures: 19" x 15" x 25.5"
  • See more here

Tall Widdicomb Dresser

  • Widdicomb
  • Designed by T.H. Robbsjohn-Gibbings
  • Set of two
  • Five drawers 
  • Measures 34" x 21.5" x 47.5"
  • See more here

Keep in mind our Spring Sale is still happening! 

Stop by SE 7th and Clay today to check out this iconic American furniture brand! While you're here, make sure to visit our Industrial Design showroom, and shop other home accessories! Come say hi!


Spring Upgrades with Legacy Modern


It's time to spring clean!

You know you're tired of looking at your old dining room table! You've had it since college and your ready to upgrade your space with a fresh look!


What are you in the market for this weekend?

Currently on sale we have sofas and chairs from Nuevo Living, One for Victory, and more! It's time to freshin' up your home or office with a new look from Legacy Modern!


Sofas from Nuevo Living 10% OFF!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

The Fredrick Chair from One for Victory! 10% OFF!


Also, this GORGEOUS sofa from One for Victory is on sale! 10% OFF!


These stunning chairs from Nuevo Living are 10% OFF!


Our Spring Sale includes New Lighting! 20%OFF!


We also have select vintage on sale! Petite credenzas!

20180315_110433 (1).jpg

Buy today! Goes home with you today! Delivery options available. 

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to stop by SE 7th & Clay this weekend and check out all the amazing items on the floor. Create a new look this spring with upgrades from Legacy Modern! 


Petite and Posh Credenzas at Legacy Modern!


Who needs big and bulky when you can go petite and posh! With condo/apartment/ADU living on the rise, there's simply not space for a giant credenza. While we love our big, beautiful, teak credenzas, and we have plenty of them on the showroom, we've found there's a demand for smaller designs. On our last scouting trip to Denmark, we made it our mission to find the best selection of petite credenzas we could find, and we think you'll be pleased. Shop more below!


Check out these classic Danish modern designs!

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

1960's Rosewood Credenza with Tambour Doors

Take me home!


1960's Danish Credenza

Just the cutest!


1960's Rosewood Danish Credenza

I'm perfect for your loft or office space!


1960's Danish Credenza

I'd make a great mini bar!


1960's Danish Oak Credenza!

How can you resist me?


1960's Low Danish Chest of Drawers

Ok, not a credenza, but a close cousin!


1960's Low Danish Chest of Drawers

You won't regret this purchase. Not one bit. 

We're in the midst of our Spring Sale! There's so much savings to be had right now! You don't want to miss it!


Also, we've extended our Pop-Up Sale from last weekend! So make sure to stop by Legacy Modern this weekend for GREAT savings!


Legacy Modern's Having a Pop-Up Clearance Sale!


We needed to make some room in the store, so we moved some great pieces to the backroom and marked them down 50% OFF!


If you've been thinking about getting a new cocktail bar or a credenza we have some items that have recently been marked 50% OFF and would love to go home with you this weekend!


In the back room you'll find great chairs with Industrial flare and some classic mid century pieces all marked 50% OFF!! That's one helluva a sale!


Do you like to feel like Don Drapper at the end of a long day at Sterling Cooper? Or maybe you like to entertain guests? Either way, serve all the drinks in style with this vintage cocktail bar.


Think of all the amazing things you could store away in this sleek mid-century credenza with a bookcase on top. Organize your records, books, photo albums, all the stuff! Great for collectors that want to display their goodies!


This classic mid-century credenza is dying to go home with you! Don't...Don't you want me?


The backroom of the store is this little hidden gem where you can find the coolest items at prices that won't break the bank. You never know what treasures you'll find. 

Thanks for reading our blog! As a thank you for taking the time to check out our blog page, you get some exclusive info about our next sale coming up! Our Spring Sale starts Monday! 


Shop Legacy from Your Couch


Brrrr! It's cold outside! Just because it's wet and nasty outside doesn't mean you can't shop our Winter Collection from the comfort of your warm home. 


With all the new items out on the showroom, we thought we'd throw together a blog that gives you a sneak peak at what's hot on the floor right now!


Is it a sofa you seek? Currently on the floor you'll find stunning sofas and chairs from Nuevo Living. Buy today, delivered today! If your walls need some love, you'll enjoy shopping prints from Barloaga Studios, and our pillow line from Studio Tullia will help you accessorize your space with fun colors and prints!

bea65 (1).jpg

The new Pendulux home accessory line pairs well with items from our Industrial Design showroom. Check out these bookends! Amazing!  Maybe it's a table you're in the market for? Our selection of Danish teak coffee tables and end tables won't disappoint.


Looking for some wild designs? Make your space pop with these comfy lounge chairs!


Don't you love that butterscotch chesterfield sofa next to the clean metalworks of AD Busch? These tables provide a minimal design that goes well with items on our 20th Century and Industrial Design showrooms. 

bea61 (1).jpg

Now that you got a sneak peek of our inventory from the comfort of your couch, make sure to stop by and shop the amazing, one-of-kind pieces we have in the store right now,!


Featured Item of the Week: Inlaid Oak Rocker


Are you in the market for some chairs? Our Mission Arts and Crafts showroom has a wide selection of rockers, lounge, and dining chairs for sale that will create a cozy, rustic vibe for your home or office!


Our Featured Item of the Week is a 1905 Inlaid Oak Rocker. It has new leather on the seat, comes in it's original finish, and is unmarked.


Measures: 28" x 32" x 38" Seat Height: 18.5"

Here's a preview of some of the other items you can shop on our Mission Arts and Crafts showroom.


Come have a look at our Mission Arts and Crafts showroom this weekend! You won't find a better selection of this iconic American furniture company in town! Also, visit @stickleyantiques on Instagram to see more! 


The Artists of Legacy Modern

When Legacy Modern got started we focused primarily on mid century furniture like credenzas, dining tables, and sofas. However, over the the years, the store has evolved. While we're always on the hunt for great mid century finds from around the world, we have shifted our focus to provide a fuller shopping experience for our customers that includes art. We've worked hard to procure a collection of work, from local artists and beyond that compliment the furniture we sell. Below is a quick peek at the artists we have on the floor currently.

We're always looking for more to artists to showcase. If you're interested in selling your art in our store, please feel free to email for more information! We'd love to see your portfolio!


Meet MaryAnn Puls

"From the smallest particles of matter, countless variations of formations can occur. I’m intrigued by the possibilities. My work is abstract, the result is the reorganization of my observations and interests."

mary ann puls.PNG

Meet Tappen Studios

Fine art gallery and working artist studio. Offering creative workshops and promoting creative community.


tappen studios.PNG

Meet Barloga Studios

An art company providing fine art black and white photographs for the home, office and hospitality environments


Meet Patricia Rubinelli

"We make glass that preserves the human element as well as the fluidity of this elusive material."


Meet Jacquie Walton

Handmade Pottery in the Arts and Crafts Style. Each JW art pottery vase and bowl  is thrown individually, by hand, on the potters wheel. The decoration is created by using the same technique that were employed at the Grueby Faience company circa 1900.

jacquie walton.PNG

Meet Cobre Coppper

High-end beautiful hand-hammered copper products, home decor, vases, gifts - sustainably produced with reclaimed copper and fairly traded since 1994. 


cobre copper.PNG

Small Objects for Small Spaces

Living small is the new norm and Legacy Modern wants to help you make your house a home. 


Portland is growing by the day. Everywhere you look there's a crane and a condo is going up. While a lot cities in the US build out, creating an endless sprawl of sub divisions, Portland has decided to grow upward instead, allowing the neighborhoods to remain quaint and walkable. That's one of the many reasons we love Portland! Strolling around town with our dog and cuppa jo - you can't beat it!


On the other hand, this type of planning means more apartments, more condos, and lofts. This bothers people and it's understandable. It's  A LOT of change in a short amount of time, but here at Legacy Modern, we're excited about the new homes we can help decorate. New condos means new homes that need furniture. New people in town means new opportunities and connections. We embrace it all. 


Over the last 4 months, we've noticed an influx of people, of all ages, coming into the store looking for smaller objects for smaller spaces. Some shoppers have a condo on the Waterfront, and don't have space for a McIntosh credenza. They, also, don't want a fall-a-part piece from IKEA. Some shoppers just signed a lease at the YARD and are wanting something Industrial chic to complete their space. Other shoppers live in ADUs or apartments in inner SE and NW and they simply want something space efficient, practical, and stylish. You asked for it, and we delivered. Here's a peek at some of the smaller objects we have for smaller spaces, in the store right now.

On our last scouting mission to Denmark we made a point to look for smaller tables, credenzas, credenzas with bookshelf tops that store your items vertically, as well as chairs and dining room tables with extensions so you can adjust the size when the need arises. That's smart living with smart design!


We're open daily, at SE 7th & Clay, if you have any questions. Call or stop by this weekend to see what we have on the showroom for your home! And don't worry, we still have big, beautiful credenzas if you're in the market for something larger. 




Featured Item of the Week: Bernhard Pedersen No. 142 Dining Chairs

We were thrilled when we found these stunning Bernhard Pederson dining chairs on our last trip to Denmark. According to,  "The Danish furniture maker Bernh. Pedersen & Son has a long and strong tradition in furniture and cabinetmaking stretching all the way back to the company’s start in 1902. Through three generations the family firm has created and sold classic Danish furniture to many parts of the world."

20180124_105144.jpg goes on to say, "The period 1950 – 1970 in particular was characterized by some of the most stunning and well-executed pieces in Bernh. Pedersen & Son’s history. Especially the classic mid-century sideboards and daybeds designed by Danish furniture designers, including the Danish world-renowned Johannes Andersen, Svend Aage Madsen and Kurt Østervig were – and still are – highly valued by customers worldwide."


These chairs just arrived last week and won't be here long. If you're in the market for some new dining room attire, Legacy Modern has what you're looking for! Please contact store for pricing! 

Measurements: 31" x 18.5" x 16"    Seat Height: 17"

The Winter Collection Has Arrived!

The shipment from Denmark is here and we're working hard to get the items out on the floor for all you weekend shoppers!


You asked! We delivered!
Over the last few months we've been listening to the demands of our customers and one of the most popular requests was a need for smaller, less bulky furniture! If you live somewhere where space is limited, you will want to shop with us this weekend! Our new collection has smaller items perfect for lofts, condos, apartments, and offices!


New dining chairs are out on the floor with upholstery options available!


You'll enjoy shopping our Nuevo Living selection! Our newest partner in the store offers sofas, chairs, and lighting, all perfect for your condo or apartment! Buy today, take it home today!


Make sure to check out the Legacy Modern's home accessories! You'll find throw pillows, rugs, glass sculptures, lamps, and art!