Signed Stickley Furniture Now in Store!

We’re excited to welcome these American Craftsman Gustav Stickley pieces to our showroom! These unique and highly sought-after pieces were crafted in the early 1900’s and are signed.


While furniture designer Gustav Stickley did not start the American Arts and Crafts Movement, he was one of its most prominent figures.

His furniture designs drastically shifted away from the heavily adorned Victorian furnishings that were still in vogue at the end of the 1800’s. In contrast to their highly detailed ornamentation, Stickley focused on creating simplistic lines, deep, rich wood tones and honest, quality construction.


We are excited to have a selection of his signed, early 1900’s pieces in our showroom! Whether you are a longtime collector or a new fan, these quality, timeless pieces will add beauty, style and warmth to your home. Come give these beauties a look!