Small Objects for Small Spaces

Living small is the new norm and Legacy Modern wants to help you make your house a home. 


Portland is growing by the day. Everywhere you look there's a crane and a condo is going up. While a lot cities in the US build out, creating an endless sprawl of sub divisions, Portland has decided to grow upward instead, allowing the neighborhoods to remain quaint and walkable. That's one of the many reasons we love Portland! Strolling around town with our dog and cuppa jo - you can't beat it!


On the other hand, this type of planning means more apartments, more condos, and lofts. This bothers people and it's understandable. It's  A LOT of change in a short amount of time, but here at Legacy Modern, we're excited about the new homes we can help decorate. New condos means new homes that need furniture. New people in town means new opportunities and connections. We embrace it all. 


Over the last 4 months, we've noticed an influx of people, of all ages, coming into the store looking for smaller objects for smaller spaces. Some shoppers have a condo on the Waterfront, and don't have space for a McIntosh credenza. They, also, don't want a fall-a-part piece from IKEA. Some shoppers just signed a lease at the YARD and are wanting something Industrial chic to complete their space. Other shoppers live in ADUs or apartments in inner SE and NW and they simply want something space efficient, practical, and stylish. You asked for it, and we delivered. Here's a peek at some of the smaller objects we have for smaller spaces, in the store right now.

On our last scouting mission to Denmark we made a point to look for smaller tables, credenzas, credenzas with bookshelf tops that store your items vertically, as well as chairs and dining room tables with extensions so you can adjust the size when the need arises. That's smart living with smart design!


We're open daily, at SE 7th & Clay, if you have any questions. Call or stop by this weekend to see what we have on the showroom for your home! And don't worry, we still have big, beautiful credenzas if you're in the market for something larger.