Legacy Modern Welcomes Turning Earth Studios

Over the last few months, we've expanded our inventory to include a wider range of home accessories. If you've been by the shop, as of late, you might notice the beautiful works of Hanna Traynham.  


Hanna is a ceramicist and a high school art teacher. When she's not teaching you can find her at her studio, Turning Earth Studios, making unique, stunning ceramics. 

Photo: turningearthstudios.com

Photo: turningearthstudios.com

According to her website, "Hanna pushes the limits of the material, piercing her wheel thrown forms with careful attention to how the piece may alter under the high heat of the firing. Often her work will slump, acquiring an entirely organic movement that occurs only by nature." Just look at these incredible designs.

If you're looking for a new home accessory that stands out, make sure to stop by our store and check out the lovely ceramic work of Hanna Traynham! 

Legacy Modern supports local artists and you should too!