Wild Shaman has arrived at Legacy Modern!

As we move into 2017, Legacy Modern is working diligently to expand our home accessories inventory. One of the first steps in this direction in providing quality, unique rugs from Wild Shaman, a Portland based Turkish rug merchant. 

"Wild Shaman is the brainchild of Istanbul Natives, Yesim & Emre. Their mission is to bring the hidden gems of historic places in Turkey to the world stage. 

Yesim & Emre met in Istanbul in 2008 and married two years later. In 2013, the couple decided that they wanted to experience a new land, and a new culture.  After several long debates, sleepless nights, and a few dozen bottles of wine, they decided to move to Portland, Oregon. 

April of 2016 saw the birth of Wild Shaman, and the couple's apparel line: Ish-Chi. Both brands strive to provide uniquely curated finds from both Turkey and their new home in the U.S."

We are thrilled to have these gorgeous rugs in our store! They will enhance your space with their vibrant colors and patterns, and will pair well with many items in our store, especially our Mission Arts and Crafts items. If you're starting to think about your home decor for the new year, we suggest heading down to the Central Eastside Industrial District. We have one of kind inventory and you won't be disappointed.