Featured Item of the Week: Westnofa Recliner with Matching Ottoman

According to designaddict.com, "Westnofa wasn't an actual furniture company. Created in the 50's it was an export company for several manufacturers, including Stokke, etc to keep up with the international market, since Norway was kind of in a black hold in regards to the furniture market at that point in time. The companies that exist today that call themselves Westnofa, there is one in Canada that makes health and industrial furniture and the one left in Norway, that makes plastic products for Stokke still, have nothing really to do with the original Export company. It is almost impossible to figure out (at least so far for myself) to find out who the original designers of the miscellaneous Westnofa furniture are, and when I say miscellaneous I mean the pieces other than their famous "chair and matching ottoman" which are found easily."