What is G Plan?

G Plan has a rich history in mid century furniture starting in the UK.  Donald Gomme had been manufacturing Victorian inspired furniture when he took the plunge into modern design with his G Plan line. According to Retrowow.com, "The G-Plan brand was launched in the 50s. It defined modern furniture from the 50s to the 70s. In those days 'G-Plan' was a generic term for modern furniture in the way we still use 'Hoover' for vacuum cleaners. G-Plan was not cheap, but it was the brand most people aspired to own."  

Retrowow goes on to say, "In the late sixties, the sculptured look was the new fashion and G-Plan led the market. They introduced their most successful range of teak furniture, Fresco, in 1967. G-Plan Fresco featured deeply sculptured handles and legs, combined with strongly patterned teak veneers."

These are some of the current G Plan items we have available on our showroom now.

Legacy Modern has the best selection of G Plan furniture in town, hand picked from the UK and beyond. If you're looking to bring this classic mid century style into your home, stop by the store and have look at our inventory. We're located in the Central Eastside Industrial District on the corner of SE 2nd and Alder.