Local Portland Vintage Furniture

Mike Albino / Legacy Modern Owner

My story spans across four generations of traders.  It began with my great-grandfather Frank, carried on to my grandfather Frank Jr, and then to my dad, Eli "Rocky" Albino. Now, my wife Kelly and I continue this tradition of trading, hunting and supply on a world wide scale. My dedication to giving everyone a unique shopping experience is what sets me apart from the competition.   

I have always been taught to be a part of the community.  To help, give time when you have it, support my neighborhood, and engage as much as one can. It took many years to fall in love with the business of buying and selling.  I had always done it in some form throughout my life, but it wasn't until I turned 30 that I found confidence in my skill set, made some great acquaintances, and had traveled all over the world meeting other people like me. Somewhere along the way I became a merchant.

The people, the families, are what I like most about my job. Helping folks achieve a warm, comfortable and inviting home is very rewarding, and I’d be lying if I didn't say the hunt for the merchandise is the best part as well. Traveling, digging, negotiating, and hearing stories of the hunt with my peers is what I really like the most.

When it comes to customer service, my philosophy is, “without the customer, I have nothing.” In this world of non-interpersonal electronic point and click convenience, of which we take full advantage of, I believe in the in store experience - saying hello, welcoming people, and letting them know we are here for them.  It is very important to us that the customer remembers that months after they make their purchase. All who walk through our doors are considered family.